About Se-Lah

Services we offer

Se-Lah Se-Lah’s innovative service provisions have seen the company expand its services from its initial Canberra base to Sydney and Melbourne. No event is too big, too small or too exclusive for the talented team at Se-Lah Se-Lah. From VIP dinners to product launches and charity events, Se-Lah Se-Lah ensures that every detail of your event is planned, designed and managed to achieve your desired result.

Se-Lah Se-Lah use a modern approach to tailor every aspect of your event to suit your desires so for your next event contact us for a more cost effective, fun, and innovative results.

Se-lah’s extensive list of local and international artists provides a wide variety for your live entertainment. selection. We supply solo, duos, trios and live bands as well as international comedians, international MC’s and celebrities to add an international flavour for your entertainment.
Se–Lah has provided the talent platform to promote and showcase local talent, local song writing artists, duos, trios and bands, by hosting a number of talent festivals, Talent Extraordinaire competitions and Song Writers competitions.
At Se-Lah Se-Lah we know that organising fundraising events can be a little bit stressful. We want this to be a fun and exciting experience for you and all your guests so for anything from dress-up parties to comedy nights and grand balls the team at Se-Lah Se-Lah are ready to help. From working out a fundraising goal, to marketing your event, selling tickets and managing the finer details on the day the Se-Lah Se-Lah team are well equipped to service your requirements. Contact us today to arrange your free consultation.